Spiritual Development

Programs and Classes

Introductory Seminar

The Free Soul Course in Psychic and Spiritual Development explores energy-sensing and meditation techniques, aura vision, and the location and use of Psychic Reception Areas.

Free Soul Comprehensive Course in Psychic and Spiritual Development

A thorough, 10-week course that develops practical skills in using the 4 main psychic senses, managing your energy flow, aura-protection, self-healing, and many different kinds of meditations for stress reduction, inspiration, manifestation, healing, and creativity. Emphasis is on spiritual freedom and practical application of your inherent potentials as a soul.

Soul Infusion Workshop

Discover breakthroughs for accessing the soul dimension. Recharge your energy and access deeper levels of healing, inspiration, and creativity.

Accessing Your Brain’s Joy Center Workshop

Powerful methods for getting yourself out of debilitating or recurring feelings of hurt, worry, anger, and fear. You will learn to elevate your mood without drugs or other addictive substances or behaviors.

Soul and ESP Discoveries Workshop

Breakthrough techniques from the Comprehensive Course distilled into a 5-hour program.

Spiritual Freedom Workshop

2-day program combining the essence of Soul Infusion, Joy Center, and Soul and ESP Discoveries.

Guidance Workshop

6-hour workshop that provides a quantum leap in the depth, clarity, and accuracy of your communication with your guides, angels, or spiritual helpers. Prerequisite is the Free Soul First Counseling Session (see next paragraph).

Individual Counseling Sessions

First Counseling or Free Soul Psychic Profile (FS001)

A 1.5- to 2-hour individual session that teaches valuable ways of connecting with your inner guidance. Areas covered include how many guides you have, which psychic channels are your clearest and best developed, and what internal and external pressures are causing disruption and imbalances.

In addition, you will learn effective, practical techniques for enhancing your psychic skills, managing stress, and getting answers from your guides even when you’re feeling hurried or not relaxed.

Second Counseling or Programming Analysis (FS002)

Provides feedback on the main types of subconscious programming that are limiting your personal freedom and spiritual growth and causing you some degree of distress or dissatisfaction. Together we identify the main areas in which you have been susceptible to outside programming and find ways to consciously install positive programming for freedom, self-acceptance, fulfillment, happiness, and peace
of mind.