Open to Wholeness


Marybeth will assist you in choosing the approach best suited for your situation. Sessions are designed to suit the needs of each client.

A Deeper Calm blends Eastern and Western approaches to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Physical discomfort and/or dysfunction are signs of imbalance in the body’s energy flow, often resulting from mental anxiety or emotional distress. A Deeper Calm offers a variety of modalities that reduce the effects of mental, physical, and emotional stress. All are practical, effective, enjoyable, and free of adverse side effects. As with any alternative healing therapy, these services are intended to complement rather than to replace necessary medical care.

Whether the pain you’re experiencing is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, it affects all dimensions of awareness. I guide you gently and with complete acceptance and focus to ease and release the discomfort at its source. You are your own healer. I merely witness, affirm, and support your process, following my spiritual guidance to help you move through the session.

Private sessions, classes, and workshops are held in at External link opens in new tab or windowAnam Cara Wellness Services, Vienna, Virginia. For further information, contact Marybeth under “Contact Us” or by phone at 703 298-2692.