Energy Restructure

Why Energy Restructure Works

Often unpleasant experiences—especially repetitive, painful, or traumatic ones—are not processed appropriately in the brain. Instead, they become locked in the subconscious, where they are held in a stuck bundle of emotion, physical sensations, and fearful thought patterns. Examples of such stuck emotional energy are deep-seated feelings of anxiety, lack, loss, helplessness, vulnerability, and poor self-image. When the emotional content of a new situation triggers the stored memory, the original emotional material is replayed in the present, often causing us to overreact and behave in unproductive ways.

With Energy Restructure, such stuck bundles of emotion can be easily accessed and released. Through deep, focused breathing, you enter a light meditative state in which your body and subconscious mind work together to reveal and release the underlying problem. Light touch and hand movements create positive energy shifts in your body and aura, and ancient healing sounds (mantras) help you to free energy blockages and open to new, deeper levels of love, light, joy, trust, freedom, health, abundance, and peace.

Releasing the blocked emotional energy brings lasting healing because it addresses the underlying cause, not just the symptom. Energy Restructure works in concert with the chakra system through nine layers of our emotional energy field. For more information on Energy Restructure, go to External link opens in new tab or window